Kvinner i Business: The Women’s Network in Asker and Baerum

Kvinner i Business is a network and a meeting place for women who run or wish to start their own business, and for female business leaders already working in organizations. It provides an arena where professional and dedicated women can contribute and benefit. Kvinner i Business offers programmes to support its members in all stages of the establishment of their own business; before, during and after. These programmes receive financial support from Asker Municipality, Bærum Municipality and Akershus County Council.
VISION – be the best meeting place for women who run, or manage a business.


Programmes are open to Kvinner i Business members only.


The programme consists of 20 hours spread over one year where you, as a mentee, will receive constructive and structured assistance in one-to-one meetings with your mentor. In the mentoring relationship, the mentee seeks assistance, and is responsible for her own development and the mentoring process.
The mentor programme is usually in Norwegian. However, since this is a one-on-one relationship, it may be possible to connect with a mentor who is comfortable working in a language other than Norwegian. As such, this programme could be a great start point for those who are new in Norway, or not yet comfortable with speaking Norwegian, but could benefit greatly from the mentor relationship while establishing their business.
If you would like to know more, please contact Solveig Sikkeland: solveig@sikkeland.no


The Bli Proff programme is about becoming more skilled at running your own business, being a professional, and sharing experiences and knowledge with each other. Bli Proff organizes workshops, courses and lectures about once a month from August to May, mostly in the evenings from 18.00 – 21.00. All activities are open to all members of Kvinner i Business.
The course is run in Norwegian.
For further information, please contact Birgitta Vikström, bliproff@kvinneribusiness.no


The Bli Større programme assists those members during the transition phase from being an established business to becoming a large business. This phase can be especially challenging for women, in what is still a male-dominated industry.
The course is run in Norwegian.
If you would like to know more, please contact Mette Wegger: mw@wegger.net


This leadership programme focuses on personal development. It is a new programme offering from Kvinner i Business, that started in January 2014.
If you want to be a better leader of yourself or others, then this programme could be for you. The programme spans six months. It consists of four full-day meetings, with a combination of teaching, workshops and individual work. It also includes individual coaching sessions.
The course is run in Norwegian.
For more information, please contact Hanne Schjerven Paulsrud: hanne@confidentcoaching.no

Become a member of Kvinner i Business

The membership fee for Kvinner i Business is 1.250 kr. per year (2014).
For further general information in English, please contact Jo Sundet: jo@futuredynamics.no
For information about specific programmes, please take direct contact with the course leaders identified above.
For any further information, please contact any of the Kvinner i Business board members listed under Kontakt on this website, or send an email to: post@kvinneribusiness.no
We look forward to hearing from you.